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Establish I.T firm require business loan 03 million.

Background: Geneva based I.T firm providing software and application development services specifically for education, engineering, government sectors. company has 06 years of working experience.

Income: 08 Million

Netherlands-based education portal looking for investor

Background: Education portal providing online certificate course for master students in the entire of Netherland. Offering high class education from over a decade, the education portal owns more than 3 million visitors monthly. The company also houses International Student Recruitment Centre for top - notch placements.

Income: 07 million

Established I.T. firm requiring business loan

Background: Geneva based I.T firm providing software and application development services specifically for education, engineering and government sectors. Company has 06 years of working experience with industry leaders and small business.

Income: 12 Million

Sports Academy Based in U.K. looking for finance support

Background: A sports academy that brings education with sports to the early lives of childhood for kids that lie between 18 months to 7 years. The academy focuses to build communication, concentration, coordination, cohesion and confidence among students. Spreading the unique concept since 5 years, the coach trains football, tennis, basketball and other variety to the kids.

Income: 580 Thousand US

BPO and KPO Company based in Philippines looking for investor

Background: One of the largest companies outsourcing businesses, the company offers top level services in emerging technologies, customer support and marketing. Driving the business with core values such as leadership, unity, customer – centric, innovation, passion and excellence, it offers diverse culture across the entire nation.

Income: 3.5 Million

USA based Steel Shed manufacture Company requiring business loan

Background: Operating in steel market with designing, building and marketing solutions of steel storage, the company has a strong experience of more than 50 years. Sustaining successfully on global platform, the services are indulged by mass merchants, e-commerce businesses, hardware dealers, home improvement distributors and retailers.

Income: 45 Million

A Green-House Company based in Israel seeking investor or business loan.

Background: The Company builds projects and offers services with micro-irrigation and smart drip solutions on a global platform. The business deals with Agronomy, Projects and Designs, Hydrocalc Pro and Irricad Pro. Pioneering the industry from over 50 years now, the company boasts micro-emitters, sprinklers, dripper lines and drippers.

Income: 17 Million

Timber business factory based in Russia require investor

Background: A supplier of building materials and lumber, it is one of the largest floor and roof truss company with 15 door and 11 truss plants.

Income: 15 Million

Human Resources consultancy firm based in Russia requiring business loan

Background: Established as a recruitment firm in 1998, the company slowly grew as a consultancy service offering human resource to warehouse complexes and industrial companies on nationwide platform. 

Income: 4 Million

Electric Motor company seeking investor - Based India.

Background: A manufacturing and supplying company offering its presence with bench buffers, bench grinders, electric vibrators and industrial motors, the company is succeeding in the sector for more than a decade now. Robust base of infrastructure and wide network of distribution has made this company own a large product line. 

Income: 5 Million

Singapore based e-commerce beauty products seller seeking investor

Background: One of the top e-sellers of beauty today, the company houses more than 500 brands with exceptional variety. Diving in the online business for over 3 years now, the company boasts Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean brands and has established its presence in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

Income: 30 Million

A South African Fast Food chain restaurant seeking for investor.

Background: A top notch restaurant serving more than 15 cities of South Africa, the business offers a range of cuisine right from Greek to Thai. It offers pick up food services and delivery services as well.

Income: 23 million

An Ireland-based e-book publication house seeking investor or business loan

Background: The Company is established to design, publish and distribute books of the authors who are eagerly interested to get that one break. 

Income: 650 Thousand USD

Energy Supply Company based in Germany seeking for business loan or investor.

Background: The Company makes the entire system of energy with Energy Trading and Conventional Power Generation supplies across the entire of Europe. Grid Extension, Energy Efficiency and Renewables are the three facilities the company strives successfully with. 

Income: 80 Million

Water Purifier Company in Nigeria seeking for investment.

Background: A company offering water engineering services, it offers facilities of installing from pumping test, drilling and its water treatment. The team includes maintenance staff, plumbers, engineers and hydro-geologists with technicians and specialists to offer water purification borehole drilling and purification services.

Income: 4 Million

Drill Plantation and Cultivation Machinery Company based in Australia seeking business loan.

Background: The Company offers specialized machinery and agricultural products for cotton and gran industries. It also offers engineering and quality products for a safe environment to the customers.

Income: 50 Million

Sports Academy based in India seeking for investor.

Background: A tennis academy that supports building Tennis career and academics of under – privileged children. Successfully producing top notch players since a decade, the company has produced many national and international level champions. 

Income: 2 million

Pharmaceutical Company based in India seeking for investor or business loan.

Background: The company is pioneer in manufacturing powder filling machines, capping and labeling along with designing and maintaining the machines for the pharmaceutical industry from over decades. 

Income: 23 Million

Real Estate Firm seeking fund for village villa concept.

Background: Offering Weekend Homes with consultancy on acquiring plots for various projects, the company is successfully boasting real estate investments for coastal regions. 

Income: 40 million