Interested companies can browse “mergers” to join hands for expanding business internationally through Joint Ventures, L.L.P and Contracts.

14 years old Food & Beverage Company interested for LLP and Contract

Background: India based firm supplies healthy and delicious organic farm products available for online ordering from the comfort of home. These naturally grown crops from Himalayas ensure health benefits for the buyers.

Expertise: Himalayan Gluten Free Crops, Natural Honey, Natural Spices, Himalayan Pulses, Himalayan Red Rice, Organic candied fruits and natural turmeric powder.

Open For: Contract, LLP

Location: Mexico, Argentina, Switzerland

Sweden based Software developer Agency looking for Contracts

Background: For six years, the company has been helping customers control their operational cost and optimize their performance. Company customized innovative software products are vital in boosting client’s productivity and mobility.

Expertise: QA & Testing, Mobile Application Development, Business Intelligence and Remote Infrastructure Management.

Open For: Contract

Location: India, South Korea, South Africa

Electric Power Supply Company based in Qatar interested to make Contract or LLP

Background: The Company is the supplier of electricity in the State of Qatar implementing safe and environmentally clean methods for production. They produce 1000+ MW electricity per day.

Expertise: Electricity Power Supply

Open For: LLP, Contract

Location: Japan, Ethiopia, South Africa

India based creative advertising agency seeking Joint Venture, LLP or Contract

Background: Agency helps client to develop a professional image and bridge the gap between customer and services or the products. Agency has 08 years of Experience.

Expertise: Brand Management, Creative Services, Print Media, Events & Exhibition, PR, Radio Advertising, Outdoor Management, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Web Based Solutions.

Open For: Joint Venture, LLP, Contract

Location: China, Russia

Oman based Aluminum company open for Contract, JV and LLP

Background: The Company is based in Oman and involved in the production and fabrication of Aluminum products to meet the ever growing demand for this non-ferrous metal across the world. The Company is in business for 24 years and offers contract services for Aluminum products.

Expertise: Aluminum production, Aluminum fabrication, Aluminum engineering, Aluminum, Aluminum doors & window, Aluminum cabinets and, Aluminum composite panels.

Open For: Joint Venture, Contract and LLP

Location: Hungary, Finland

An India-based Diamond Company interested in making joint venture or contract

Background: A leading company believing in exceptional services offering high quality diamonds using innovative designs and advanced technology.

Expertise: Diamonds

Open For: Joint Venture, Contract

Location: USA, Russia

A Pharmaceutical Company based in Monaco open for J.V., Contract

Background: A leading company offering disease management solutions with various generics and medicines

Expertise: Bulk Actives, Intravenous Infusion, OTC Products, Generic, Prescription drugs

Open For: J.V., Contract

Location: Greece, Italy, Ukraine

Oil and Gas Company based in Malaysia open for contract

Background: An R&D company expert in value chain and diverse portfolio of gas and liquid assets

Expertise: Oil and Gas

Open For: Contract

Location: Brazil, Singapore, Taiwan

Shipping Company based in Cyprus willing to make contract or LLP

Background: A container shipping leader providing integrated transit network on global basis

Expertise: Container Shipping

Open For: Contract or LLP

Location: Brazil, Colombia

GPS Tracker Company based in Jordan open for contract

Background: A company serving GPS Technology for fleet management and vehicles. The team offers robust technical features of GPS.

Expertise: GPS technology

Open For: Contract

Location: Ukraine, Poland, Romania

Israel based vegetable restaurant offering franchise

Background: A restaurant with 16 years of expertise offers courteous, joyful, generous and family – oriented atmosphere to the diners. Serving dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the restaurant has Italian quality and irresistible taste 

Expertise: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Kids Menu, Alcohol and Cocktails Menu, Wine Menu

Open For: Franchise

Location: India, Turkey

Established Textile Firm interested in making Joint Venture or LLP or Contract for materials work.

Background: An India-based textile manufacturing company, using the most advanced technology and machinery for denims and fabrics.

Expertise: Fabrics and Denims

Open For: Joint Venture, LLP, Contract

Location: Australia, New Zealand

Chemical Company, based in India, open for Contract.

Background: A quality-driven company that offers industrial liquid and powder chemicals with chemical products.

Expertise: Liquid and Powder Chemical Products

Open For: Contract

Location: Morocco, Vietnam

India based biotech company open for Contract.

Background: A licensed company pioneered in Drug Discoveries of Developments in Pre-Clinical from Hit Generation

Expertise: Inflammatory and Oncology Diseases

Open For: Contract

Location: Canada, USA

India based Finance Company Open for Contract, L.L.P.

Background: A finance company offering logical planning in financial services for personal and professional growth.

Expertise: Financial Services

Open For: Contract, L. L. P

Location: Vietnam, Tanzania, Cambodia

An electronics company willing to expand its business with contract, L.L.P or J.V.

Background: Based in Latvia, the company leads in designing and development of analog and digital software and hardware.

Expertise: Digital and Analog Design and Development

Open For: Contract, L.L.P. or J.V.

Location: Australia

Real Estate Company based in India open for Contract, L.L.P or J.V

Background: A real estate company running successfully for more than 10 years creates lifestyle with gilded luxury and value asset homes. 

Expertise: Real Estate

Open For: Contract, L. L. P. or J. V.

Location: Bulgaria

Shipbuilding company open for J. V., L. L. P. or Contract

Background: An 8-year experienced shipbuilding company based in Norway, the business offers shipyard facilities with fiber optics and power cables.  

Expertise: Shipbuilding

Open For: J. V., L. L. P. or Contract

Location: France

A pharmaceutical company based in India open for J.V or Contract.

Background: A pharmaceutical company with 11 years expertise drives its passion for designing and manufacturing pharmaceutical packaging.

Expertise: pharmaceutical packaging

Open For: J. V., L. L. P. or Contract

Location: U.K., Italy, China

Organic Argan oil and Premium saffron supplier company wants to make Joint Venture

Background: Morocco base Organic Argan oil and Premium saffron supplier company wants to make Joint Venture with Sweden base company. The Company has years of experience on local and global platform to provide high quality standard product.

Expertise: Organic Morocco Argan oil and African Premium saffron

Open For: Joint Venture

Location: Sweden, India