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How to Develop International Business

If you are wondering about how to develop international business frontiers for your company then it highly recommended that you take support from International Business Consultancy. The International Business Consultancy will guide you through the mandatory follow-ups of the 5 steps of Feasibility, Strategy, Adaptation, Marketing and Audit.

5 Steps to Develop International Business

5 Steps to Develop International Business


Understand Feasibilities for Expansion

To develop international business it is very necessary to understand the feasibility of your product or service. Analyse the viability of your business idea by assessing the following feasibility criteria:

  • Appropriate analysis of cost, benefits, and uncertainties under Economical assessment of financial resources is very important. You must have enough capital to regulate your business and manage uncertainties.  
  • Technical resources must be checked to transform your business ideas into practical working provisions. Your business must have well defined cyber support system.
  • Legal feasibility can be attained only when your company will meet the legal requirements of the respective nation or zone, will implement acts for data protection, and will maintain laws under social media networking provisions.
  • Always make sure that the Scheduling for every step of your business development map meets the timelines. Absolute on-time completion of every effort is the key to expand your business in the international market.
  • Assessment of the Operational Plan for the project must satisfy all kinds of demands and requirements needed for the development of your business. This major feasibility criterion must check the viability of your product or service in the respective market.

Generate 10Ps Marketing Strategies

A business can develop in the international market only if it remains specifically concerned about establishing homogeneity between the 10 Ps of marketing strategies:

Generate 10Ps Marketing Strategies


  • People: You need to understand the behaviour and psychology of the consumers.

  • Place: Offer products or services as per the demographical needs and the lifestyle capacity of the target market.

  • Product: Your product or service must fit into the palate of your targeted consumers.

  • Precautions: Always remain highly conscious about the unseen risks involved in international expansion. It is best to take guidance from International Business Consultancy.

  • Prices: Decide the prices of the products as per the GDP of the company and the median basic salary of the target consumers. However, never hamper brand identity.

  • Packaging: The inclusion of the most preferred colours of a particular culture in packaging is the most suitable way of displaying your business product or service.

  • Positive Influence: Make sure that your product or brand can establish positive vibes through philanthropic initiations and CSR contributions, in the market. 

  • Physical Evidence: Meet the mood and the tempo of the target market as per the educational and social backgrounds of the consumers.

  • Positioning: Decide the right position for your product or service by relying on product attribute, kind of users, product class, quality, or value, and competitors.

  • Physical Ambience: The display of your products must be positioned in such a way that it appeals to the ambience preference of the consumers.

  • Participation of Locals: Make sure that you involve local participants from celebrities to local businesspersons in the process of expanding your business. 

Adapt Intercultural Competitiveness

A business can develop in the international market, only when it has the right strategy to adapt to the cross-cultural challenges. The cultural differences at the workplace must be handled with great managerial skills. There has to be a balanced way of treating the workforce. Even in the case of the product or the service, there is the need to establish a practical balance between the cultural and social considerations of the target market.

Create Demand through Marketing

To create the demand for your product or service, you need to follow the following road map-

Create Demand through Marketing

Audit Business Laws & Ethics

To develop international business, you must abide by Business laws and ethics. Always take support from International Business Consultancy to protect your company and following the business law compliances noted below:

  • Maintain business standards,
  • Follow compliance policies
  • Generate awareness procedures
  • Administer compliance program 
  • Screening of Employees
  • Evaluation of employees,
  • Evaluation of vendors
  • Evaluation of other agents
  • Professional communication,
  • Professional training for all
  • Handle compliance issues legally
  • Regular monitoring& auditing
  • Maintain internal reporting systems
  • Apply remedial measures.

Ethical Regulations must be enhanced and maintained while dealing with the maintenance of

  • Establish company values
  • Maintain code of ethics
  • Maintain conduct code
  • Risk Assessment
  • Ethical persuasion of policies
  • Train for regular audit
  • Follow inquiry mechanisms
  • Report functional mechanisms
  • Communication program
  • Compliance of ethical program
  • Keep leadership commitment

By considering systematic follow up of all the aforementioned points, you can develop international business prosperities with adequate support from International Business Consultancy. International Business Consultancy remains committed to help you in all stages of your business and set up your business internationally.