Business Legal Service

Words Kshetra offers legal services to businesses that need help in legal matters at any stage of their business. Whether you are just starting up or have already an established business and looking for a legal expert in any legal issue, we can help.

Our team looks after corporate matters, guide companies on their business and legal issues, and advise them in difficult transactions. The professionals in our team are well-experienced in tax laws, corporate laws, regulatory structuring, competition laws, and have practical understanding of various sectors.

We have already helped more than 200 clients in different sectors including automobile, aviation, consumer products, healthcare, hospitality, food & related products, financial services, information technology, infrastructure, media, real estate, shipping & maritime, steel and telecommunications.

Our team is sharp enough to understand the administrative environment and the law difficulties involved in these sectors of business.

If your business is also suffering from any legal issue and you need assistance then we can help you come out of that issue easily.

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What Legal Services Do We Offer to Business?

Structuring and Strategy Making Advice

Our team carefully analyse your business health and advice on structuring the transaction as per the RBI guidelines, Income Tax provisions, SEBI regulations, FDI regulations, stamp duty implications, etc. Professionals in our team are able enough to strengthen every transaction structure and offer the best solutions to your issues.

Complex Transaction Support

Experts in our team support and guide in analysing, planning, contracting and executing the transaction of the documents. We can even handle some confidential documents such as term-sheets, business purchase agreements, shareholders agreements, non-disclosure agreements, etc. with ease.

Administrative Audit Assistance

Our Corporate and Commercial team helps clients in assisting, planning, arranging and organising the administrative approvals and make consent processes simpler by managing the approvals of RBI, SEBI, FIPB, CCI and other local permits. We even look after their tax optimization strategies so that our clients can increase their substantial savings.

Venture Financing Documents

Generally, the Securities and Exchange Commission monitors private equity and venture capital fund managers to find out any conflicts of interest. In this case, often the employers may face civil liability for financial losses defended by an investor because of conflict of interest. Therefore, to relieve from this liability, we write some policies for recognising and evading such disputes.