International Business Services

“Manage to get the Riches at every Footstep of International Business”

Words Kshetra provides 360 degree services with extensive assistance to expand your business at an international level.

Words Kshetra is in partnership with global leaders and so pioneers in grabbing the best opportunities for its clients in multiple nations.

Do you face the following Business Challenges to expand your business internationally:- 

  • Do you want to take the big leap to the international market?
  • Do you want to manage huge market demands?
  • Are you suffering from hardcore local competitors?
  • Do you want risk free International Business expansion support?
  • Do you want to diversify your business in multiple countries?
  • Do you want a professional market expert who can analyse the market and set up your business in other countries?
  • Do you want to invest money with accurate returns from multiple countries?
  • Are you looking for legal guidance on international business setup for your target country?


WordsKshetra is a proud International business services serving the business world with exceptional services. Itaims tohelp differentbusinesses goals and objectives by connecting them to international world.

Being an International business consultant, we have assisted many business and offered highest quality of professional standards to meet global walls.

Our clients have come up with their challenging needs and we deliver customized and quick advice that helps them in making right business decisions.

We have an expert team of professionals who have great knowledge in the specialist sector as well as well-versed country knowledge. They also have the highest quality professional standards that meet all clients’ needs.

Our aim is to focus on the main values of International business and we always strive to achieve something new.

How we help in meeting global and operational challenges

Every enterprise faces new challenges especially when they want to expand in the overseas market. The potential of a business is generally high and so are the risks. A global business delivers a multi-industry, multi-disciplinary, and multi-jurisdictional approach. 

We look and prepare a one-stop solution by offering financial advisory, legal, risk advisory, and consulting services. Many industries and companies trust us in order to expand internationally and we make efforts to meet their needs.

What do we offer?

Our services offer an advantage to many companies. You can ask for any of the services from us:  

  • Get assistance with the incorporation of a legal entity;

  • We prepare statutory financial statements and amalgamation;

  • We offer VAT and Corporate Income tax agreement;

  • We provide Audit support services to the organization;

  • Our accounting services assist every business type;

  • Management reporting;

  • You can get payroll and expat services;

  • We give advice to the company at various stages of the company’s lifecycle;

  • We also ensure that you get the right support on all legal matters that are a part of extensive networks;

  • We take a step and connect with both the parties in a long term relationship;

  • We guide and seek you through all the diverse fields and stages of the company’s life cycle;

  • We are well-positioned to offer you a highly motivated and experienced team; 

  • We analyse the Market and help the business to enter globally.

  • We help in distribution and act as a network between company and suppliers as a supply chain

Even records are to be believed that International business consultant is the best way to gain an increase in revenue. 

The below graph depicts how different countries enterprises are sourcing internationally. 

graph depicts how different countries enterprises are sourcing internationally

International Business support is mandatory to grow your Business

Any business that enters the market, aims to grow in size as well as its profits. The first step is to increase the number of suppliers, vendors, and infrastructure. So, the best way is to take help from international business services that will offer you a unique platform to expand your business internationally.

For instance, if a company wants to set up its operation, it may need various things such as land, roads, transportation, water and power supply, sellers and contractors. Further, they may require capital, loan, and money. Therefore, a business needs everything that supports in running their business. 

Similarly, any business that wants to reach international boundaries needs the support of their operations which may include quality housing and financial assistance to outspread business on an international platform.  This means that if an international business has to set up in a particular country, it needs helps from a dedicated International business services support like us.

Here are a few tips that will help you get international: 

  • Make a campaign and prepare a plan to evaluate needs and set your goals. 

  • Conduct foreign market research and look for international markets. 

  • Evaluate and select methods by distributing your product abroad. You can choose from a variety of means, from opening company-owned subsidiaries to finding agents and distributors of joint ventures.

  • Set up process, negotiate deals and navigate the authorised slough of transporting. 

  • Finding sources of finance and find funding ways to get paid easily.

  • When you are transferring your goods to the international market, you must make sure you package and label them in the market you are selling. 

Hire an International Business Consultant

To expand the business, you must explore ways to take your business abroad. Basically, you need a special insight that will guide you and navigate the complex international regulations. International consultants are the best in this field as they have diverse experience, knowledge and have relationship guide in different complexities of international jurisdictions.

Whether you want to optimize your business or planning to expand business opportunities then you need due diligence and independent advice to bring a valuable mix of fresh experience.

Our consultant at Words Kshetra delivers perspective, insights, and solutions based on experience.

Why Us?

  • Risk-free
  • Business Networking
  • Experienced Team
  • Team of experts
  • Dedicated Country base consultant
  • Legal assistance worldwide
  • Financial Support

Words Kshetra is highly focused on delivering dedicated support to multiple business sectors, for companies from Ahmedabad to expand their businesses internationally.

If you are looking for International Business support, kindly feel free to contact us.